How it all started

Flying is magical, that's what I've always thought. And thought comes into this a lot, given that I lost my ability to do that.

I started lockdown as a Customer Service Manager, flying around the world and I'll be doing that again just not quite as soon as I would have liked. Just like all of us, I have that desperate need to get away. Although one been doing it for 17 years and I'm tired so I'm trying to make the move into a communications role as everyone constantly tells me that I'm a Wordsworth, whatever the fuck that is.


I know this is going to take a while because I've got got Bi Polar and ME which is fancy speak for chronic fatigue syndrome.


That night. The breakdown happened at 0300 outside Grenfell Tower in London. It lasted a month or so until I started to know who I was again.

One of the worst things going on is the job replacement of my bits of tech I lost on the night. You can say what you want about screen time but when suicide is on offer, there's nothing that fixes a very for help like the piece of plastic that you lift to say" I need help"

Argos, Currys and the Co Operative robbed me of that chance with the only company that did anythiny being Telefonica 02.

I'm off now but this feels so good and it's going to be so funny as a series, keep believing in yourself, everyone's over working for file companies that couldn't give free tiniest of shits so if your a creative reading this, or someone who has depression or been given notice on their flat as a direct result of their own magic illness then this is the blog for you. Well until I get the phone I need to stay in touch with most.


Oh my god who would keep fighting to the insurance and retail regulators when all the decent humans work in service and marketing awwww

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