Grenfell Tower Workers View

I do not know why but I think my aim to raise awareness about awful things through appearing to make them funny, in an ironic way. Anyway the only people who I really want to see it are those involved. I know it will help some of them so please do all the sharing and stuff that you can.


There is enough experts in Grenfell the inquiry

If you think that then you haven't watched much of ot! As a worker off on long term sick, I have watched every minute since it started and there is is an expert missing. One that represent workers , you hear me saying it a lot but well, workers.


Why is there jokes in here?

My personal form of therapy is laughter. And I happen to love all the comedians who say something provocative who say something on the verge of unacceptable. The reason for this is because, they usually have a very important message to deliver.


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