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Why a Grenfell Blog?

what has Depression and Anxiety got to do with Grenfell?

Firstly: Grenfell Tower and the Inquiry are something that I am obsessed with, especially in relation to workers. What else would you expect from nothing but a worker? And this is not the first blog about Grenfell as you will find out. That one was ignored BUT this BLOG will not be. Its a story of Grenfell, and workers. Weird but whatever.


How It Got Started

The Full Story

I think it got started because I lived near there at the time. I am an actual expert on everything Grenfell Tower Inquiry related.  The views relate to workers vs management within the inquiry.

If your interested in the Inquiry, for any reason but especially the people hit the most.


what is a worker?

I dont wanna go back, please!


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